November 12, 2019

"Happy National Run for Office Day" -- Jason Vaughan


October 22, 2019

So many new friends of Gov. Vaughan and his presidential campaign have expressed their support for this site.  Thank you, and please continue to support Jason Vaughan and his campaign for quality healthcare for everyone.  


September 12, 2019

Governor Jason Vaughan's Famous Coachella Bites Recipe

--for all his many fans to enjoy!


Pork Chops

Onion Salt

Vegetable Oil

Season pork chops with flavored salt.  Let pork chops rest in half-cup oil (turn once) for at least an hour.  Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a skillet, and fry chops until done.  Cut into pieces.  Pairs well with toothpicks and balloon goblets of Sunset Blush.



July 29, 2019

Remember the Thorn Mansion in "Omen II"?  When I became intern and interim co-chair at the Vaughan Campaign, I was reminded of the 100-million dollar, "Omen II"-style mansion built for Governor Vaughan's aunt, and how famous and popular they have always been around town.  Can't you see it?  President Jason Vaughan and baby Hakim in the White House, in America's Mansion.  Blush?



July 29, 2019

Did you see Beyonce "Homecoming"?  Governor Vaughan loves these Coachella Bites I made with pork chops, onion salt, and oil.  We're preparing to take this campaign into the Fall.  Won't you join us?


July 28, 2019

Glad to hear how many of you enjoyed the fundraiser.  We know how much you love Jason Vaughan and we want you to know that he is still your healthcare candidate.  Never give up.  "Never Enough."


July 27, 2019

This is Tamika.  OK.  Governor Vaughan and baby zebra Hakim are fine.  Party with Anglican Rectors was a great success--cherry tarts and little white lights, just like in Mozambique.  The Vaughan Campaign stronger than ever.  Keep hope alive.

     -"Amanda" (AKA Tamika)


"Sometimes the snow comes down in June

Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last"

--from "Save the Best for Last" by Miss America Vanessa Williams